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District Court Judge, Division 6


Legal, Medical, Technology, Fitness and Business Mentor Partnerships

Mentors serve in every field and sometimes unlike professors or instructors these real world practitioners can offer insight into fields of study that can only be experienced. University Sites, which operates several university themed sites, has partnered with several professionals in fields that are complementary with the majors and ambitions of student members.  We are ...
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Legal Site Launches To Teach A Lesson

New Legal Site Launches ChrisCoffman.Rocks We had a little fun with the name I will admit that.  Honestly I wasn’t even aware that .rocks was a valid domain, it feels more like an 80s throwback which predates the internet.  With that said it is memorable and I’ve gone with it. Chris Coffman is in fact an attorney in ...
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Wig Out: In Actors Theatre’s ‘A Christmas Carol,’ Hair Is In The Spotlight

Last year, there were 54 wigs featured in Actors Theatre of Louisville’s “A Christmas Carol.” The show is only 90 minutes long. “So you’ll have to think about how many times people are changing their hair,” said Costume Director Mike Floyd. It’s a lot. Which is why the annual production’s hair design is actually two ...
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Five Things: Checking In With Emily McCay

Five Things has been around for nearly two years now, so that’s enough time for major changes to take place in the lives of some of my previous guests. I’m going to be bringing you an occasional series of short check-ins with past guests who have news to share. You can look for those in ...
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Home Cooked: Stories Of Food And Immigration

On Thanksgiving Day, the talk in most American homes focuses on food — both what we’re cooking and how much of it we can eat. Across Louisville, that holds true for the city’s newcomers, too. Over the past few months, the Americana World Community Center, which serves Louisville’s immigrant and refugee populations, has spent time ...
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A Big Fat Pakistani-American Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago, WFPL City Reporter Amina Elahi mentioned the menu that her mother-in-law, Rukhsana Rahman, prepares for Thanksgiving. Both Amina and her husband’s families are originally from Pakistan, and she described the holiday meal as “traditional-ish, heavy emphasis on the -ish.” The main dish is still turkey, but one that is spiced with ...
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Judge Rules Utility Regulators Must Accept Low-Income Advocates In Rate Case

The Franklin Circuit Court has ruled Kentucky utility regulators must include groups advocating for low-income families in the latest Louisville Gas & Electric rate case. Regulators denied groups including the Sierra Club and the Association of Community Ministries from intervening in the rate case earlier this month, while at the same time granting the right ...
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10,000 Lose Access In Kentucky To Food Assistance Program

More than 10,000 low-income Kentucky adults were removed from a federal program that helps them buy food after they failed to comply with newly reinstated rules requiring them to either get a job or do volunteer work to keep their benefits. The rules for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps, have ...
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teachers for sean delahanty
Better Schools Kentucky endorsed Sean Delahanty for District Court Judge. BSK represents JCTA.

It is an honor to serve as your Division 6 District Court Judge and I ask for your continued support to retain this seat.  No campaign can succeed without volunteers like you, get involved and remember to vote November 6, 2018. – Sean Delahanty

cfair endorsed sean delahanty
CFair the political committee of Louisville Fairness endorsed Judge Sean Delahanty for Louisville's District Court.
Women For Judge Sean Delahanty Logo
Women's Political Caucus endorsed Sean Delahanty for District Court Judge

Years of Experience Sean Delahanty

BA University of Louisville

BA Political Science - University of Louisville


Practiced Law

Self employed General Practitioner for 18 years


Elected Jefferson District Court Judge Division Six



Graduated Law School

Graduated Law School - Brandeis School of Law - University of Louisville


Represented I.U.E Local 761



Chief District Court Judge

Chief District Court Judge 2008-2011

UAW Delahanty Logo
UAW CAP endorsed Judge Sean Delahanty for District Court Judge